iT'S Tissue 2022

iT’s Tissue 2022: an opportunity not to be missed.

Discover the future of tissue technology and experience a full immersion in innovation.

iT’s Tissue was established in 2013 by 12 companies, world leaders in tissue technology, seeking to offer the market a nonconventional platform to get acquainted firsthand with technological innovations and take part in a unique, out-of-the-ordinary experience.

These are the 12 companies behind the project: ACelli Paper, Elettric80, Fabio Perini and MTC (now joined under the Körber brand), Futura Converting, Gambini, Omet, PCMC, Pulsar Engineering, Recard, TMC and Toscotec.

iT’s Tissue: What is it?
  • Excellence
    an occasion to get to know companies that design, manufacture and install industrial machinery for converting, production, packaging and logistics for tissue products
  • Experience
    a unique chance to visit facilities, speak with technical leaders, initiate negotiations and experience technology hands-on
  • Networking
    an exclusive hub where world leaders in the field meet and talk
  • Life
    the Tissue event with Italy as a backdrop: Italy’s beauty and lifestyle make attending extraordinarily enjoyable.
  • Sustainability
    the main asset for future tissue production
  • Technology
    high-performance solutions for companies in the field
  • Innovation
    engineering innovations that contribute to supply-chain development
  • Market
    trends, new scenarios, consumer needs
  • Networking
    the heart of every industrial and commercial project.
Our team
  • Tissue Italy Founding Members
    ACelli Paper, Elettric80, Futura Converting, Gambini, Körber, Omet, PCMC, Pulsar Engineering, Recard, TMC, Toscotec
  • Technical partners
    Rockwell Automation, Henkel
  • Trade Press
    experienced journalists and opinion leaders in the field of tissue
  • Italy
    an extraordinary country offering the warmest welcome
  • Crew
    technicians, reception service, chefs, sommeliers, personal trainers, personal shoppers, musicians…
  • Wonder
    the thread connecting visits to companies, unique experiences, culture and free time.
An event not to be missed
  • The future is here
    with the chance to visit and get to know leading companies in the field, and have hands-on experience of future technology
  • Excellence is here
    born out of tradition, developed through technological innovation and now exported worldwide
  • Leaders and trendsetters are here
    meet the companies that for decades have shaped markets and trends, that seek out innovation, and inspire you and your competitors.

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